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It is important to feel confident on slippery surfaces to work safely. inTRAX is ideal for all those, who have to work outside even under adverse circumstances:

  • Delivery Services: With inTRAX you can do your work without fearing to fall.
  • Military and police: Operations unfortunately don't care for weather. inTRAX equips you for all types of conditions.
  • Fire Brigade, Snow Ploughing Services and THW: They are the first ones to be called in snow chaos' and freezing rain. With inTRAX you work safer.
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  • Cab-Drivers, Messenger Services, Truckers: Who has been in a snow chaos or freezing rain with his car once knows what we are talking about. Cross-standing cars have to be removed, windscreen wipers and headlamps have to be deiced, sand has to be put under the wheels and in worst case situations one has to be walking the rest of the way. No matter what, inTRAX should be part of your equipment.
  • Installation-Teams, Building Labour, Rangers: When one wants to be safe in winter inTRAX is a big help. If required simply put on and otherwise handy in your pocket.
  • Ski School, Ski-Lift Workers, Ice Rinks: Equip your customers and employees with inTRAX to avoid expensive accidents.
  • On your way to work: In contrast to common spikes inTRAX offer skid resistance on the whole surface and are unbelievably comfortable to wear.
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