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Due to its low weight and its great flexibility inTRAX suit to many sports to the point of the extreme:

  • Running: inTRAX is so comfortable to wear that you won't feel them anymore after a little while. inKTRAX suit to jogging in the city as well as to trailrunning and snowy cross country races, orienteering races and to winter-triathlons.
  • (Nordic) Walking: A sport, which one can perform in every weather. With inTRAX even safer and more efficient, because on slippery underground it offers a secure print.
  • Skiing: Whether alpin or cross-country skiing, often there are icy and slippery places which have to be conquered on the way. This is a real nail-biter with adequate shoes. Many accidents occur without skiers being strapped. inTRAX Outdoor are unbelievable flexible so that they can be worn even with alpin-skiing-boots. And they can be folded to put them in every pocket, when one doesn't need them.
  • Tubing: Who just pulled his kid's sled up the hill for the 10th time, really appreciates a light, flexible anti-slipping-aid.
  • Curling: In contrast to common spikes inTRAX offers skid resistance on the whole surface and even after a long day on ice they are comfortable to wear.
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