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Noene - Technique - Forest Soil Effect

Noene insoles Forest Soil Effect

No matter how thick your shoe is, you will recognize with blind eyes, whether you are running on comfortable forest soil or hard tarmac. 


Whereas the tarmac gives the shock back to the body the forest soil has the skill - just like the NOENE material - to eliminate vibrations. That means, in the moment of tread mat it is essential, which materials are underneath the foot.

Therefore it is clearly to feel that NOENE has the ability to almost totally absorb the harmful vibrations.


RunGuard Skin Protection Stick

RunGuard is the latest evolution of anti-chafe products for endurance athletes.

REE - ultralight, extrem strong headlamp

Ree is a lightweight and newly designed headlamp to meet most everyday lighting uses.

Tune Belt Reflective Armpockets

[Translate to english:] TBAB86_YLLW Tune Belt Smarthone Armtasche

The smart arm pocket for the dark season!

XTENEX - New Installation Video

XTENEX Installation Video Screenshot

The following video shows clearly what you have to follow while you lace your Xtenex:

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