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Das PFLEXX Team mit Laufmaschine auf dem ISPO Stand 2014
The PFLEXX team with a running machine at the ISPO booth 2014

2013 was the PFLEXX knee-trainer at the coveted ISPO Brandnew Award finalist in the category fitness products. In January 2014, I then "stumbled" into the obligatory ISPO-exploratory course with my wife about the small stand of the sympathetic Irish.

The crowds at the booth and the tireless running mannequin attracted our attention.

Bandages are like sand at the seaside and we have already been offered numerous brands for distribution in Germany. But this bandage seemed something special.

Once in our hands, and after a brief explanation, we quickly realized that this product was created for us: new, unique, innovative, in need of explanation and precisely in the interface between health and sport.

A huge market - I just have to look around in my circle of acquaintances. Knee problems where you just look. And nobody wants to do without his favorite sport - but there was nothing on the market except for exercise-restricted bandages, which strain the musculature.

Although everyone knows that musclebuilding is the best thing about knee problems. And that's exactly what the PFLEXX Knee Trainer Bandage offers!

After a try was almost everything clear and when on our return my physiotherapist was thrilled and ordered several, we signed the contract and look forward to a good collaboration with the PFLEXX team - and a few Guiness :)


Klaus Blessing

- Diplom-Sportökonom -


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