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To Ensure PFLEXX® Knee Support Trainer functions correctly (see fig.1):

  1. Choose the correct size PFLEXX® for your leg by measuring
    around your knee (J). The comfort compression t keeps the
    Power Springs (G) close to the body providing positive spring
    action when moving the knee joint.
  2. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: When pulling on the PFLEXX® Knee
    Support Trainer (see g. 2) ensure that you grip both the top of the
    sleeve and the mechanism to prevent distortion.
  3. For the PFLEXX® Knee Support Trainer in the correct position (see
    g.1) with the logo on the front (A) and the bands positioned above
    and below the knee (D,C) with the lower part of the sleeve tting
    above the calf (B) and the Power Springs positioned at the top and
    bottom of the pocket (H, E and F).

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