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PANACEO is a medical device derived from the natural volcano mineral zeolite-klinoptilite, which was formed when lava and the saline water of the primal sea bonded. Today, the mineral is used in numerous medical, health and sports applications to achieve unique results.

The effects of this unique natural mineral are compounded by the patented PMA©-technology (PANACEO micro activation). PMA©-zeolite is highly effective in the binding of free radicals and other toxins that are stored in our body and deplete our energy levels. With PMA©-zeolite, the body is able to rid itself of these toxins naturally via the gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, the body is provided with essential natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

PANACEO medical devices stand for better health and more energy!


RunGuard Skin Protection Stick

RunGuard is the latest evolution of anti-chafe products for endurance athletes.

REE - ultralight, extrem strong headlamp

Ree is a lightweight and newly designed headlamp to meet most everyday lighting uses.

Tune Belt Reflective Armpockets

[Translate to english:] TBAB86_YLLW Tune Belt Smarthone Armtasche

The smart arm pocket for the dark season!

XTENEX - New Installation Video

XTENEX Installation Video Screenshot

The following video shows clearly what you have to follow while you lace your Xtenex:

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