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Klaus Blessing

When I - wallowing in old memories - saw the cover picture of the 2006 Hawaii-Ironman special edition of the Triathlon magazine, I immediately recognized the yellow knot at the handle bar of Norman Stadlers bike right next to his left arm. Because I did not know what to do with it I forgot about it quite fast.

The same magazine had an article "Attention Water" with Dr. med. Klaus Pöttgen about dehydration and hyponatremia (too low sodium concentration in blood), which I read with great interest. In that article he clearly explained how important it is to ingest salt and minerals when exercising and what happens when not respecting this. Even when I participated in Hawaii 1987 many finishers have been on a drip for the first time because they ignored some important rules.

They same night I received an email from Jonathan Toker, who on the recommendation of Fule Belt offered me the distribution of his new brand SaltStick. More curious than really interested I followed the link on his homepage and thereby not only found the answer to the article above but also found a genial product for salt and mineral supply when exercising.

We never started up a new distribution so fast! But still the demand exceeded all expectations. By now there are just a few triathlon bikes without a Salt Stick left.

But what about all the bikers, mountain-bikers, runners, inline-skaters, trailrunners, mountain climbers, etc?

There is still a lot of work. Stay salted!

Kind regards

Klaus Blessing

- Diplom-Sportökonom -


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